Ebuer - Totally insulted my intelligence

London, England 1 comment

I ordered a hoover through ebuyer.com and paid for it under my name and address aliong with my card details same ADDRESS.which I have confirmation of.Then on my email I received mail addressed to boss who had purchased goods in past, quoting my email address for information.They then used my email address and linked to My boss.When delivery was not made nobody would speak to me as I was not my boss!!!and said I could be committing Fraud!!!What and who do they think thery are?just to clever fot their own good linking every tranaction to email addresses!yet when they wanted to take payment they wern't bothered to confirm details of card and deliver name were same as my boss.The item has been returned buy the carrier back to ebuyer.I have toi wait for my money refund though!!!!

this is 2008 and suggest the Amercian Customer service staff get back there to make a total hash of their financial system and leave us honest brits alone.



If you read their policy, it says upon the first order the ordering address must be the same as the billing address for security reasons. The fact that you could have actually been trying to commit fraud was possibility as the person at the other end of the phone is not you and doesn't know that your not a fraudster

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